Operation and Industrial Maintenance

Thanks to its expertise 2EI supervises the maintenance of all your electrical and electromechanical equipment.


  • - Corrective maintenance,
  • - Preventive maintenance,
  • - Supply of brand new spare parts and/or repair.
maintenance industrielle

Operation monitoring

2EI hydroelectric operating department ensures the optimal operating of your hydroelectric plant :

  • - Maintenance,
  • - Advice, diagnostic and production optimisation,
  • - Annual and monthly operational reports.

Our teams analyse results and provide you with solutions to enhance the performance of your station.
As an integrator, 2EI offers its customers a professional training to help them use their plant to its maximum potential.

logiciel de suivi d'exploitation Hydrogest


A 24/7 service for industrial and power generating equipment such as hydroelectric plants, thermal power plants, and photovoltaic solar equipment.

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