Project management

2EI offers to its customers comprehensive solutions led by a dedicated project manager as to be able to answer the hydroelectric market latest demands.

2EI integrates hydroelectric solution

2EI provides comprehensive industrial solutions and guide you during the management of your projects: schedule, construction work, administrative interface etc.
To do so, we provide a team of experts in power plants design, operation, and maintenance.

We work in different fields of activity :
  1. Electromechanical
  2. Electricity
  3. Gates and Valves
  4. Hydraulic
  5. Automation et supervision

Our objective is to give you optimal and effective solutions adapted to your needs.

Centrale Mourlasse

Project management

2EI has 25 years of experience in the renovation, creation and operations of power plants, and our project managers, whom are experts in renewable energy solutions, are at your disposal.
Advantages :

  • - A single interlocutor throughout your project,
  • - A commitment to the comprehensive solution,
  • - A lower number of participating companies,
  • - Gain in reactivity and efficiency,
  • - Cost optimization and control of deadlines,
  • - Established expertise on several activities and international projects.