For more than 30 years, 2EI has used its expertise to offerinnovative solutions best suited to the issues of the hydroelectric and the industrial sectors.

A few examples :

Water intake oriented to horizontal bars

Dégrilleur horizontal

The fishfriendly water intake is composed of:

  • 1 - a rake with horizontal bars
  • 2 - a rake cleaner with horizontal or vertical trolley
  • 3 - a bypass channel with vertical flushing gate

  • Robust, simple and compact solution
  • Low pressure losses
  • Totally electrical and customisable system
  • Low floor space requirement
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Natural fish migration
  • Silent solution
  • Single channel for fish migration and flushing
  • Optimization of the ecological flow

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Outdoor Power Cabinet

Armoire outdoor

Outdoor power cabinet is an optimal solution, since there isn’t any building construction.

Benefits :
  • Tested in the workshop before shipment
  • Easy to install on site
  • Weather resistant

«Speed controller» Standard cabinet

armoire speed controller

Standard cabinet for Variable speed turbine

Power cabinet function :
  • Guide vanes opening/closing
  • Valves positioning control
  • Power management depending on height and flow
  • Turbine Start/Stop
  • Power control management
  • Equipment security
  • Turbine monitoring

Local technique modulaires pour centrales hydroélectriques

Local modulaire

Modular control station for hydropower plants

A modular and compact solution
Our company has developed a compact and modular solution adapted to hydroelectric plants internationally. The product is an adapted container in a functional plant room. It is a reliable and economical solution fitting to environmental requirements and to your needs.

Its benefits :
2EI has technological expertise in hydropower plant rooms. Our product can be adapted to other types of projects such as biomass, photovoltaic...